Best Lens for the Canon 70D

In the recent world, video coverage and photography have become the norm of the day just like any other kind of business or livelihood. There are a number of fascinating features that you can record, film, or take photographs for your own best interests in the fields of education, communication, or preservation of history. Therefore, it is important that you get yourself an efficient camera as fast as you can. However, both the result that the camera produces and the device itself is important to a higher scope.

Canon 70D lenses guide

One good example of a camera that can efficiently serve you in meeting your objectives is the Canon 70D. This camera has a number of remarkable features that you can’t afford to do without if you are a fan of cameras. e.g. noise reduction, custom white balance etc.

In order to get the best results from the Canon 70D DSLR, it is important that you fix a lens that is highly outstanding from the rest in the market as far as this kind of camera is concerned. Below is a list of the most suggestive lenses that you can ever think of any time you wish to get the best from your camera. But firstly, you have t5o know the four various kinds of lenses that are there. They are as follows:

• Macro Lenses—they use 1:1 magnification ratio for a certain type of theme into a real-life experience.
• Telephoto Lenses—it is ideal if you are covering themes that are at a distance. Usually from 85mm-600mm.
• Standard Lenses—it is the one that you use for normal photography coverage. Usually from 35mm-85mm.
• Wide-angle Lenses—it is best when you have to capture many details from your scene. It usually covers 8mm-35mm.

Before choosing any kind of lens, ensure that it is efficient, affordable, and produces quality images. These kinds of lenses are ideal for better performances. They are either the zoom or the prime type of lenses:

1. The Canon 18-135mm STM lens

This lens has a maximum aperture of f/3.5 and a weight of 17oz. It is known to give you excellent quality videos. The lens is also versatile although, at the end of your coverage, you may experience a number of distortions. Moreover, it can capture a longer range as compared to the other canons like the 18-55mm STM.

If you intend to have a continuous autofocus for video, this is the lens for you. Lastly, it is quiet and produces sharp images every time you use it. It goes for about $300.

2. The Canon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

The lens weighs 21oz with a maximum aperture of f/3.5. It is highly versatile although has some problems of distortion and focus. Costs around $699

3. The Canon 10-18mm f/4-5.6

best Canon 70D LensesIt is quite affordable–$299 with a maximum weight of 8.5 oz and an aperture of f/4. The advantages of this lens are that it is high in value, produces sharp images, and absolutely light in weight. The only major problem it has is due to its plastic nature it is made.

From all the above lenses for Canon 70D, I recommend that you try the Canon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 Is for best results although it is expensive.

2 Must have accessories for the Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300 is a fun camera to have. It is small yet very powerful. You can enjoy up to 24.2 megapixels high definition photos with this camera. You can also take 1080p Full HD videos. This camera has passed the various standards of certification such as the ISO 100-12800 certification.

Nikon D3300 accessories

However, you can add a touch of accessories to lift your Nikon D3300 experience. You should add two notable accessories. These are a must-have. One is a zooming accessory and the other one is the flashlight.

Nikon 70 – 200 mm f/4G ED VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

This is a zooming accessory is a must-have for your Nikon D3300. It will assist you to capture high quality still images. This telephoto zoom allows up to 5 stops for stabilization of the image. It is made of quality optics and is a third generation kind of zooming lens.


It is very light weighing only 30 oz and is 7.0 inches long. It can be carried anywhere. The zooming feature will assist you to take high-quality photos and HD pictures even at a far away distance. The technology used to make the lens is phenomenal. You can effectively take images in the wild of dangerous animals that cannot allow you to near them.

Metz Mecablitz 64 AF – 1 Digital Flash for Pentax Cameras, 24 – 200mm Automatic Zoom

This is a powerful dazzling flashlight. This Flashlight is meant to last for ages. You buy it once and forget. It has an automatic zoom with ranges of 24 – 200mm angles. Its flash head can rotate in a 300-degree spin. It is awesome must have a flashlight.


Can take flashes up to a distance of 210 feet. You will enjoy the photographic experience, especially in the dark. If you take a picture in the dark this flashlight will come in handy for you. It will make day pics out of the night. Besides durability, this is just a must have Nikon D3300 accessory.

Taking a look at the Sony A6000 bundle

The Sony A6000 belongs to the upper echelon of the camera family and it has rightfully earned CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award. The quick autofocus, 24.3 MP sensor, and the wide ISO range blend seamlessly together to produce images of pure beauty.
A typical Sony A6000 bundle consists of:

  1. Sony Alpha A6000 24.3 MP interchangeable lens digital camera
  2. 16-55 mm zoom lens
  3. Digpro gadget bag
  4. Sony 64 GB SDXC UHS-1 R40 memory card
  5. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 for PC or Mac

If you choose a bundle with the best Sony A6000 lenses, you will also get a Sony 55 – 210 mm telephoto lens and an additional Digpro gadget bag.

Key Features:

  1. Safety – This way, Sony ensures you have a gadget bag to carry everything around safely while you are on the move be it for nature photography or to capture the colorful hustle and bustle of your city streets.
  2. Optical SteadyShot technology- The lenses that come with the Sony A6000 bundle, be it the zoom lens or the telephoto lens, both come with the revolutionary Optical SteadyShot Technology that reduces noise in the finished photos.
  3. Easy organization and editing of photos- The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 software that comes along with the bundle acts as a suite for you to easily edit pictures, refine landscapes and portraits and get that true masterpiece-like feel to your photos.
  4. Innovative and quick- The Sony A6000 does not slack off when it comes to speed while delivering you high-quality photos. It has been praised by CNET for its pace of shooting and its notable features like its grip that fits perfectly in the palms of your hand and clear programming buttons.
  5. Easy sharing- The camera is WiFi and NFC compatible which means you can easily share pictures with friends and to social media with greater ease.

The Sony A6000 bundle is thus a great buy for shutterbugs all around the world to drive forward your passion for clicking the most scenic and mesmerizing pictures.

Nikon D3400 Lens Buying Tips for Beginners

Nikon D3400 is some of the best beginners DSLRs available in the present market.When bought, a kit lens AF – NIKKOR 18-55mm f / 3.5 – 5.6 G VR  comes as a basic package with the camera. The kit lens may not be good for beginners quality photographic requirements, so we will have to opt for good quality lenses for better performance and when considering and analyzing different lens types for the model Nikon D3400, I have founded some affordable and quality lenses that fit and takes great images allowing more clear zooming capabilities and better low light photography. The format of the lens used in Nikon D3400 is DX. Comparing the availability of lenses, DX-format lenses are of very low.

1. AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm, f / 4.5 – 6.3, G ED VR LENS (the prime lens that is bought with the camera as usual, if not a great lens to buy).

2. NIKON AF–S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm F / 3.5 – 5.6 G ED VR ZOOM LENS –Powerful DX-format 5.8x zoom lens with 105 millimeters focal range.Good for portraits to interiors, architecture, and landscapes.It also has got a better vibration reduction and stabilization system that enables us to take flexible images.Silent wave motor for fast and whisper autofocus.

3. AF–S, DX NIKKOR (35), mm f / 1.8 G PRIME LENS-Fast and very good at low light conditions.It is also best used in general photography.This lens is very affordable and the performance is comparatively higher when compared to the higher priced lenses.

4. NIKON AF–P, DX NIKKOR (70-300) mm f / 4.5 – 6.3 G ED VR LENS-The lens is compact and lightweight and with a very powerful zooming.It is best at taking wildlife photography and sports photography.

5.NIKON AF 70 – 300 mm f / 4 – 5.6 G TELEPHOTO ZOOM LENS FOR NIKON -4.3 x zoom.This particular lens makes a good combination with Nikon D 3400 for taking candid photos, sports photography and also to take photos while traveling.1.5-meter minimum focusing distance.

Lens number 3 & 5 is recommended as good and affordable lenses for Nikon D3400.

2 Lenses That Every Canon 80D Camera Needs

The Canon 80D is one of the most carefully designed and most popular DSLR cameras currently available. Although this camera was launched in 2016 it is still widely popular among professional and amateur photographers. The reason behind its popularity is the highly developed and precise features of the Canon 80D – its 24MP, its ability to record HD 1080p video at 60fps, its highly developed zoom and its overall adaptability to various conditions.

Canon 80D Camera

Although the Canon 80D is one of the best cameras Canon has ever made it still needs lenses for even more perfected images as almost every other DSLR camera. But, among the numerous lenses available, which are the two lenses that every Canon 80D camera needs?

1. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

This lens is the bestselling Canon lens. The reason for this enormous popularity is the high quality and neat design it provides to users for a price that is affordable. This 50mm lens has a superbly developed zoom. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM gives its users the ability to shoot at night without affecting the shots’ quality. These features make this lens adaptable and suitable for indoor, outdoor photography and both daily and nightly conditions. This wide adaptability also makes the use of a flash inessential for the quality of the shots.

An additional feature that makes this lens distinctive is its shallow depth of field which makes the subject noticeable while blurring the background. This gives the photos a professional look. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM focuses stably and shoots videos steadily and meticulously.

2. Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

best Canon 80D lenses

This Canon lens which is even cheaper than the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM is also one of Canon’s most popular lenses. This is due to its sharpness, beautiful colors, and a very affordable price. The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM is one of the best lenses for Canon 80D. It has an Ultra Sonic Motor which focuses quickly and sharply in both light and dark shooting conditions.

This lens helps the user to capture deeply detailed shots without adjusting the ISO speed. This 85mm lens is used for weddings or concerts. It is also used by sport and animal photographers.

The best photography tips of 2017

The digital camera is a standout amongst the most unprecedented cases of this improvement. Conventional cameras are constructed absolutely in light of substance and computerized forms – you don’t require electrical vitality to run them. Despite what might be expected, every single digital camera has a coordinated PC, and every one of them records pictures electronically.

digital photography tips

The new improvement has been hugely fulfilling. As film still offers great picture quality, digital cameras have not completely replaced conventional cameras. However, as digital imaging innovation has redesigned, digital cameras have quickly ended up being more sought after.

Digital photography takes after a great deal of the comparative procedures that create fruitful film photos. By and by, digital cameras are diverse in some critical ways.

There’s regularly a slack in the midst of the moment you press the shade discharge catch and in addition when the camera catches the picture (aside from the most expensive models). A broadened slack time signifies that it’s all the more difficult to catch a minute. Following are some DSLR photography tips to decrease this inconvenience:

Set your point consideration, heretofore

At the season of using the auto center, squeezing the shade discharge in part advises the camera to concentrate on your topic. You can stop for a few seconds with that catch in part down, however, when you, in the long run, catch the photo, the camera won’t need to sit idle concentrating regarding the matter.

Use manual presentation settings

It sets aside time for the camera to work out introduction settings in a total mechanical way, so set them physically at whatever point you can.

Try not to use streak unless it’s totally required

The time it uses to charge the blaze can make more lull. On the off chance that you require streak, consider making utilization of an outside blaze unit.

 Use the viewfinder as opposed to the LCD screen

This will spare your batteries and additionally chop down the measure of assignment the camera needs to complete.

Decrease picture quality

Digital cameras let you change the size and also the determination of the photos you are catching. Huge, reduced tiff records will look remarkable, be that as it may, they can make logjam. On the off chance that you are endeavoring to make a move shots, go for a lower quality setting with little pictures. Certainly, you’re separating with huge, high-determination pictures, all things considered, it will upgrade your shot of getting the photo you longed for. Concentrate your camera’s settings to find the right balance between picture quality and additionally screen slack.

Make utilization of burst mode

If your camera has it, blasted mode is a great mode to acquire the correct minute you’re shooting for by catching bunches of brisk photos through the span of maybe a couple seconds. Subject to the camera, burst mode may require a bargain in picture quality.